I started investing with Trading Point in July 2011 with an initial capital of 25 000 USD and gradually achieved a profit of 140 000 USD in less than a week, within a month from my initial profit (milestone-profit), I was able to achieve a total profit of 1.56 million USD by the use of my earnings as an initial investment capital. Until today already paid out $ 1 million at 13 September 2011 and the process was carried out smoothly and quickly, without any special procedures due to the size of profit compared to my initial investment. As an experienced player, I would rate Trading Point highly in terms of execution, operation and transparency, as their services, I believe the highest quality in all aspects. Trading Point is a professional and transparent broker, which I would recommend to any serious investor.

- C. Wheeler

I registered a real account in the Trading Point at the beginning of July 2011 using the 25-dollar offer "bonus at Zero Deposit", which was then available. During the 60 days I was able to enlarge the balance of my account for 881 USD and reported the payment order, which was completed on September 7, and the money went to me on September 12. I was impressed and very pleased with my success with this promotion. My experience with Trading Point is very good, and the execution of investments was very fast and without rekwtotowań, as promised.

- M. Zakir

TP is one of the best regulated Forex companies run by a very professional team. The execution is guaranteed. I wish you all the best TP.

- M. Ashemimry

I tested TP on demo account before I started real account and I can say that I am satisfied. People with the service helped me a lot. That's what I like most is the premium and execution. They are adjustable, and the customer service is very helpful and competent. Keep going !!!

- Ranko

Four months to invest the loans is the most rewarding and fastest execution, with which I met, spreads are acceptable, and payments fast enough. I have recommended this broker has a number of my friends.

- Annie