Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Any person using in any way with the service ,, Project Second Payment 'current Privacy Policy. Any changes do not affect the basic rule: never sell or share personal information to third parties or address the participants of our site.

You always have the right to change or remove their data from our database. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, do not register on our site and we do not share any information about your person.

Personal data

When using the service, you may be asked to provide certain personal information by filling in a form or otherwise. The data that will be asked, in most cases your name, email address, telephone number. In special cases, you may be asked for more detailed information that will be necessary in order to carry out the service requested.

Failure to provide the required data will block the activity which these data are required if undesired data are required for its proper execution.

Unsolicited Messages

We reserve the right to send unsolicited messages to people whose contact information obtained through activities associated with the service. By this we mean information directly relating to the site (eg. Reports additional training materials and promotions) as well as non-commercial and commercial emails.

Each user of the service who buys autoresponder AIOP is called Partner DW. Partner DW can create for themselves your affiliate link directing. Thanks to the program, which works on this site, is building its own mailing list on your autoresponderze AIOP.

Any person who gives his email address. Agrees that its address is listed partner DW, who smashed it on this page, and a list of so-called general DW Project.

List of All is a list of all persons who have provided your email address with information who was the person recommending. This list is collected on autoresponderze belonging to the creators of Project Second Payment.

To the list of General sent messages are related to the activities of the Project DW, information about events, training materials, other non-profit news and commercial messages.

Before the General list will be sent to any commercial message, learn about DW Partners. Information about the fact that the creators of Project Second Payment of planning to send a message is sent to commercial partners DW via autoresponder in the form of email. Partners DW always have priority use of the commercial offer before it is sent to the entire list of General, and therefore also to the people who are on this list with their command.

If Partner DW decides to take advantage of the commercial offer and the same purchase a product / service that will be there promoted before this offer will be sent to the list of General, then Creators Project DW sending commercial to the list of General umieszkają in the affiliate link to the promoted in emialu product commercial Partner of the DW, in such a way that all persons who are on the list of his command of General will receive a link to a commercial product that partner DW, because he was the person recommending. The other person will receive an affiliate link PC Project Second Payment.